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Dietitian writing a diet plan, view from above on the table with different healthy products and drawings on the topic of healthy eating

How To Eat Well On A Budget

Eating a balanced diet has many positive effects on both your physical health and your mental health and wellbeing.

In order to achieve a balanced diet, you can start by making small changes to your day-to-day shopping and meal planning. Doing so will allow you to reduce waste, try new and varied foods and eat a healthier diet. This can be done whilst on a budget.


Here are some ways to get started:

  • Write out a weekly shopping list

Plan both your meals and your snacks for the week. This will allow you to have all the ingredients and will be less likely to buy unneeded items.

  • Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables

Not only are they are usually cheaper, but it allows you to have fresh produce and variation in your meals.

  • Take a packed lunch

Taking a packed lunch to work or to school can be cheaper and healthier than impulse buying.

  • Save leftovers

Eating leftovers is resourceful and quick. You get to enjoy the meal all over again!

Leftovers can also be reused to create entirely new meals, like soups or stews.

  • Look out for store own brand items

Store own brand items can be cheaper than branded products.

  • Eat beans and lentils

These are a cheaper source of protein than meats. Beans and lentils can be bought dried or tinned and added to soups, stews, curries or one pot meals. They also have great shelf life.

  • Avoid relying on take away food

These are often expensive and high in fat. Instead try recreating your favourite meal at home .

  • Use tinned or frozen fruit and vegetables

They are a cheaper alternative to fresh fruit and vegetables and still count towards your five a day.

  • Look out for reduced fresh food that needs to be used that day

Supermarket often reduce the prices of fresh food in the evening.


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