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Our team of dietitians have put together some helpful information to help reduce confusion and promote correct nutritional information during the Covid-19 pandemic: Healthy eating advice during the Covid-19 pandemic


You may find our Weight Management Service Food Diary, Food Planner and Shopping List useful for keeping track of your current and future eating habits and routine.


There is also a wide variety of online guidance and a range of tools available, whether you are trying to lose weight yourself, or care for a child or teenager and need help to talk to them about weight loss and fitness. Here are links to some of our favourites.

For children

Change4Life – tips on healthy eating, physical activity and recipes

Healthy weight for children – advice for parents and carers from the NHS

Health for kids – lots of advice for parents and carers and a a kids zone with games and tips on being more healthy

Healthy eating for children – a factsheet and information about healthy eating for children from the British Dietetic Association

Activity Tracker-Children – track your child’s physical activity

For teenagers

Teen weight wise – lots of food facts for teenagers from the British Dietetic Association

Healthy eating for teens – lots of guidance on how to lose weight healthily from the NHS

Health for teens – advice on lots of things from anxiety to the truth behind rumours about food and weight loss

For adults

Start the weight loss plan – a 12 week diet and exercise plan from the NHS

Weight loss food factsheet – tips on getting ready to lose weight from the British Dietetic Association

One you – tools to help you make better health choices from health quizzes to recipe ideas from the NHS

Make Your Move – Adults   – top tips to help you move more

Make Your Move – Older Adults – top tips to help older adults move more

Activity Tracker-Families – track the physical activity of the whole family

British Heart Foundation resources for adults

Top tips to get your five a day

Understanding your weight

Taking control of sugar

Taking control of saturated fat

Taking control of salt

Swap your snacks

Cheese facts

Cut down on salt

Reducing your risk – for people of African and African Caribbean origin in the UK

Reducing your risk – for people of South Asian origin in the UK

Useful Apps

There are lots of useful apps available online that can help with weight loss, from helping you to plan easy, healthy meals, to exercise plans. Visit your preferred app store online and see what suits your lifestyle. Here are some of the apps we have found useful:

  • NHS Weight loss plan
  • One you easy meals
  • One you active 10 walk tracker
  • One you couch to 5k
  • One you drink free days
  • Change4life smart recipes
  • Change4life food scanner

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