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Alice* was waiting for a physiotherapy appointment for her injured knee when she picked up a leaflet about the weight management service.

A long-time member of Weight Watchers, Alice had found that she tended to lose and then regain weight every two to three years due to her own lack of focus. Now, at 71 years old, she decided it was time to try a fresh approach – especially as her physiotherapist had told her that losing weight would help her knee.

“I called the number on the leaflet and was told someone would ring me back, which happened not long afterwards. In fact, I’d just started a 12-week Everyone Active course at my local gym when the weight management service got in touch, so the two tied in well together.”

Alice was paired with Amy, one of the service’s nutritionists, for a 12-week programme of advice sessions over the phone.

“Everything fell into place after the first week. I found that the programme got easier with each phone call. My husband and I are very organised when it comes to planning meals, so this helped too!”

By the final session, Alice had met and exceeded her weight loss goal of 5% of her body weight, going from 98.2kg to 92.1kg. When asked how she plans to build on her achievements, Alice explained that she has begun to take a more mindful approach to her diet.

“I feel settled about what I’m eating. We still have a cooked breakfast from time to time, but we’ve cut down so it’s more of a treat. I still bake things like scones, too, but in smaller portions.

“Amy’s taught me about the importance of reading the nutritional information on food packaging. We also talked about emotional eating. I think it’s really useful to be aware of things like this.”

Asked whether losing weight has changed her life, Alice replied:

“Now, when I look at myself in a full-length mirror, I can actually see progress. Losing weight has helped my knee as well, which I’d hoped would happen. My next goal is to lose another 3kg.”

Alice has recommended the service to her sister-in-law, saying that it was a really good tool too get information.

“Whether you’re successful every week or not. I’ll miss it!

“Amy’s taught me that for once in my life, I don’t have to rely on going to a group session – I can do it myself, because now I know how to do it.”


Alice’s words of advice for anyone hoping to lose weight are as follows:

“Make small changes, but do it with a background of help and support.”


*Name has been changed in line with service user’s wish to remain anonymous.

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