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Back in 2007, John had a minor heart operation.

Now 72, at his most recent check-up, it was pointed out that John’s weight had increased year on year.

“I’d tried to lose a bit of weight once before, but as it was a half-hearted effort on my part, it obviously didn’t work. I realised that I’ve got to want to do it.

“When I spotted a pamphlet at the library about the Weight Management Service earlier this year, I made contact and received a call back soon afterwards.”

Following the initial call, John was put in touch with his regular nutritionist adviser, Uzma, who took him through the 12-week programme with weekly telephone sessions.

“I found the programme absolutely fantastic. I could do the whole thing from home without having to go anywhere. If it wasn’t for Uzma and the rest of the team’s help, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I have – they were the missing pieces to my weight loss jigsaw.”

There are however some downsides, John laughs: “I must say, though, that none of my trousers fit me now!”

Having completed the programme, John is looking forward to building on his initial progress – he has lost 8.7kg, 7.6% of his body weight, since the outset.

“As a manual worker I used to eat a lot of sandwiches, which I’ve replaced with things like cereal, fruit and jacket potatoes since starting the programme.

“One thing that’s helped is being told not to calorie count too much. If I feel like treating myself to a cake or a sausage roll, it’s fine to have the odd one, but not twenty!”

John will receive a follow-up call in the near future, which is an aspect of the service he appreciates:

“I thought this was brilliant as it means I’m not suddenly on my own, but I’m not having my hand held either, it’s more like a gentle arm around the shoulder.”

Asked whether he would recommend the Weight Management Service to others looking to lose weight, John’s response was decisive:

“Yes, 100%. The advice is good and free, with no conditions or strict rules – being told that the occasional setback is okay has helped my mindset.

“The service should all give themselves a pat on the back. I wanted to lose weight and everyone on the team made it achievable. They changed my ‘wanted to’ into ‘can’.”


John’s experience sees him recommending the service:

“Give the Weight Management Service a call! My experience proves that you don’t have to see someone in person to lose weight: information is what helps. Three months ago, the thought of losing weight was a weak idea – now it’s a flower that’s grown.”


*Name has been changed in line with service user’s wish to remain anonymous.

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