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For Ashby-de-la-Zouch resident Nik*, 57, managing his weight had never been too challenging – until a stay in hospital disrupted his routine.


“As an in-house commercial solicitor, my lifestyle is more sedentary now than it was in my twenties. I had some success in the past with short diets, such as the cabbage soup diet, and managed to get down to 74kg – but in 2011, I spent a short period in hospital and became cautious about exercising afterwards.”

Despite making efforts to reduce his portion sizes and stay active, Nik’s doctor told him that his blood sugar was high and referred him to a programme of pre-diabetic clinics in early 2019.

“I explained that I eat a mostly Asian diet, but I found that I wasn’t really listened to. When I saw an ad for the Weight Management Service in Ashby Life Magazine in autumn 2020, I called up and stated that I would prefer support from someone who understands or appreciates Asian diets.”

Nik was paired with Senior Dietitian, Tabitha, whose experience with Asian cuisines and cultures meant that she was able to provide nutritional advice and meal plans based on Nik’s dietary choices.

“I found Tabitha’s systematic approach good – she started with the basics, my eating habits, and gradually introduced new focuses so that after a while, I could see what I was eating too much of.”

Having put a lot into the programme, Nik found that he gained valuable insights as well as physical benefits:

“I did all of the suggested ‘homework’ and it became clear what my deficiencies were. I’ve made a lot of changes – reducing the amount of carbs and sugars I eat, for example – and my weight is still going down, steadily and incrementally. I’m sleeping more deeply now, too.”


As for Nik’s advice for others hoping to lose weight, he recommends a slow and steady approach:

“Understanding your own diet is key; diet is more important than exercise for weight management. Following a practitioner’s advice to see what works for you is useful, but ask how diets can be tailored to you – are there healthy substitutes for what you’d usually eat?

“Finally, it helps to have realistic goals in the short-term, but take a long-term view in order to maintain your weight loss.”


*Name has been changed as service user wishes to remain anonymous.

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