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After giving up smoking over 15 years ago, Stephen started to gain weight.

Now in his late 60s, and with limited success in dieting over the years, he was ready to try a new approach to managing both his weight and his type 2 diabetes.

“My practice nurse suggested that losing weight would help me to better control my blood sugar levels, and she pointed me in the direction of the weight management service. I called up, left my details and was contacted shortly afterwards.”  

With the guidance of his regular adviser, Ceris, Stephen embarked on one of the service’s information and advice programmes. He was encouraged to go onto the Weight Watchers programme and to download the WW app.

“Although many of the recipes contain sugar and are therefore not suitable for diabetics, I’ve found that I can still follow them – it’s just a matter of modifying certain ingredients.

“The thing is, if you choose the right foods, such as healthy protein, fruits and vegetables, you can eat quite large quantities. But it’s best not to overdo the carbohydrates!”

Having achieved a loss of 6% of his body weight over the course of the programme, Stephen intends to carry on with the diet recommended by the service, and to complement his revised eating habits with increased exercise: another of his adviser’s recommendations.

“I found the programme fairly easy to follow and I’ve already seen results. I’d like to lose another stone or so. That’s my next goal.”


Stephen says he would recommend the service to anybody looking to lose weight, and advises:

“It’s important that you’re focused at the outset, with a bright outlook. You’ve first got to decide independently that you really want to lose weight.”

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