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No matter whether you are planning for pregnancy, are already pregnant or have just had a baby, the Healthy Lifestyle in Pregnancy Service, which is part of the Leicestershire Weight Management Service, can provide personalised support and guidance.

Why is being a healthy weight important?

Improving your lifestyle, especially in terms of your nutrition and physical activity is important for everyone, but particularly so for people who are looking to start a family or who are already pregnant.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy weight can help with fertility.

In pregnancy, having a nutritious diet and staying active (but not dieting for weight loss) can make you feel more energetic, reduce your risk of blood pressure and gestational diabetes, and make labour safer.

Pregnant woman with partner's hands around her stomach

Who can benefit?


We can offer tailored guidance if you are planning for pregnancy, or are undergoing fertility treatment and require support to reach a healthy weight.

You can self-refer into our service or be referred by a health care practitioner.

During pregnancy

If you are pregnant, our Healthy Lifestyle in Pregnancy Nutritionist will support you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The focus will be on diet quality, not weight loss as dieting is not advised during pregnancy.

You need to be a resident of Leicestershire or Melton and be referred into the service by your midwife.


We can advise on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight after giving birth, with options for support to be extended to you and your family.

You can self-refer or be referred by a health care practitioner.

Active Mums Club

This Leicestershire initiative is delivered by our partner service, Active Together. It is for women before, during and post pregnancy who want to find ways to stay active.

The Active Mums Club website gives you information on the benefits of physical activity, local classes and events, activities you can do in your own home, services and support on a range of issues, including finance and wellbeing.

You can choose to sign up to the club, so that you can receive the latest news and offers relating to things happening near you, or you can just browse on the website in your own time.

Further information can be found on their website or facebook page

The Healthy Lifestyle in Pregnancy Service can offer you…

  • Free and confidential service
  • Healthy eating advice for before, during and after pregnancySignposting to other services
  • Healthy lifestyle information emailed to you weekly
  • 12 weeks of personalised support

Further information about how to have a healthy diet during pregnancy can be found at this NHS webpage.

* The service is subject to eligibility. Please call 0116 305 0730 to discuss your requirements.