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No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at, Weight Management Leicestershire can provide tailored, effective support and guidance.

*Residents across Leicestershire can receive personalised nutrition advice that helps to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Led by Nutritionists, you will receive personalised nutrition advice that helps you to make healthier food and activity choices. As a result, you can improve your overall health throughout pregnancy and beyond.


Why is being a healthy weight important?

It is important for your overall health to maintain a healthy weight. Doing so can make you feel more energised and reduce your risk of various health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy weight can also help with fertility for those looking to start a family.

Eating well and staying active during pregnancy can mean a healthier pregnancy and a safer birth. You should always follow your midwives’ advice.


Who can benefit?


You may benefit from tailored guidance if you are planning a pregnancy and require support to reach a healthy weight.

If you are preparing for or undergoing fertility treatment, we can provide advice on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight to meet fertility treatment criteria.

During pregnancy

If you are currently pregnant, our Advisors will help to support you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The focus is on diet quality.

To take part in Weight Management Leicestershire whilst pregnant, you will need to obtain a referral from your midwife.


After you have welcomed your new addition, you might require some help with adjusting to your new lifestyle. We can provide advice on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight after giving birth, with support expanded to you and your family.


The Weight Management in Pregnancy Service can offer you…

    • Free and confidential service
    • 12 weeks of tailored support
    • Content provided weekly
    • Signposting to other services that may be helpful for you and your family
    • Healthy eating advice for before, during and after pregnancy


    Further information about how to have a healthy diet during pregnancy can be found at this NHS webpage.

* Leicestershire Weight Management services are available subject to eligibility. Please call the service on 0116 305 1510 to discuss the best option for you.

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We offer a range of online support including text, phone and skype. Face to face appointments are also available.

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