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Vikki's Story

Vikki's Story

Posted: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 12:50

Vikki, a retail worker and mum from North West Leicestershire, wanted to lose weight to better her mental health.

She had struggled with her weight since having children, which was highlighted by joint issues.

During lockdown in spring 2020, she gained extra weight, which began to affect her mental health.

"I started to feel restricted when I did things like bending down to put on my shoes." she reflects, "My mental health wasn't great as a result of how I felt physically – I just wanted to feel better."

When Vikki came across the Weight Management Service in a local magazine, she had already given several weight loss methods a go, but with limited success.

"I tried WW for two weeks, but I didn't like the number crunching and the guidelines just didn't work for me.

"I'd also tried following my own diets but always found that I got stuck for meal ideas, and online meal plans weren't an option."

Vikki phoned the service and within a few days she began her 12-week programme of telephone support sessions with her personal adviser, Uzma.

"Uzma was absolutely amazing – she was my rock throughout the programme, and she felt like a friend by the end of it. It was great to have that regular support."

Uzma worked with Vikki to produce a prescribed diet sheet, which consisted of several small meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

"The aim is to stay within a calorie deficit. It's all down to portion sizes – I can eat what I want, as long as I balance it out."

Three weeks on from finishing the programme, Vikki is still losing weight thanks to a change in her day-to-day routine and making healthier lifestyle choices.

"I don't tend to do a lot of exercise – maybe 10 minutes of press-ups or sit-ups, which I do for a week or so at most – but I've been losing weight steadily with Uzma's support, even without much exercise." She says.

"My head is in a much better place now and people at work have noticed my weight loss and commented positively, which has also helped."

Asked whether she would recommend the Weight Management Service to others, Vikki replied:

"1000% – I already have done! It's an amazing service all round and I'm grateful it's there.

"I'm looking forward to our three-month follow-up call – it helps to know that support is still available after the 12-week programme has finished, and at intervals in the future."

Vikki's key advice:

"It's all about that calorie deficit. Look it up and figure out your portion sizes. My meals are small but spread out, so I'm never starving.

Carry snacks like fruit around and batch-cook meals if, like me, you're on your feet all day at work – organisation is important. And stay strong!"

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